Our pace/efficiency tables show how each team attacks various game situations as well as how effective they are with their chosen strategy. The table is split into three sections based on how a possession starts: a defensive stop, any other ground ball, or a faceoff. The ‘Seconds’ column shows how quickly, on average, they take the first shot (for those possessions that include a shot). The ‘Efficiency’ column shows the percentage of possessions that end with a goal (includes all possessions, even those that did not include a shot). The rank values show where each team ranks for pace or efficiency within that subset of possession types. Note: there may be some minor discrepancies (1% in either direction) in the counts in this table; this is related to fishy play-by-play data that has been excluded due to accuracy concerns.
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Columns 2-6: Defensive Stop Possessions; Columns 7-11: Unsettled Possessions; Columns 12-16: Faceoff Possessions
  Defensive Stop Unsettled Ground Ball Faceoff

Attention: The internal data of table “52” is corrupted!