Women’s Lacrosse Bracket ChallengeWomen’s Lacrosse Bracket Challenge
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Once upon a time, lacrosse fans would wait for Selection Sunday, we’d finally see which bubble teams made it in, and then…we would wait.
For the next few days, we’d argue over matchups in the forums and wait patiently for the games to start. We’d watch and enjoy the games, but we were a passive audience.
That’s not how it is in basketball. The NCAA basketball tournament got fans involved. Those fans got to pick games, compete against their friends, have an excuse to watch games at work. They were a part of it.
One day, it was no longer just them. A bracket challenge was born for us, for college lacrosse.
Last year, nearly 800 lacrosse fans created an entry in the bracket challenge. For the first time, they competed against friends and watched their picks rise and (mostly) crash. They were a part of it.
Now, the bracket challenge has become part of what it means to be a college lacrosse fan. It’s not just for those basketball people anymore; this is our tradition too. Fill out your bracket now.
Interactive bracket takes 30 seconds to fill out
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