Virginia Win Probability: 38.0%
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According to #LaxWP, @NDlacrosse currently has a 62.0% win probability against @UVAMensLacrosse

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Game Stars
Notre Dame Virginia
Player ~Goals Player ~Goals
Bryan Costabile 4.06 Michael Kraus 10.56
Mikey Wynne 2.83 Dox Aitken 5.56
Brendan Gleason 2.74 Kyle Kology 1.64
Recent Plays
Game State Team Play Elapsed VA Win Odds
Tied Ground Ball 0s -1.7%
Tied Ground Ball 1s -6.7%
Tied Forced Turnover 0s -5.5%
Tied Failed Clear 1s -6.4%
Tied Unforced Turnover 1s +4.2%
Tied Good Clear 14s -15.4%
Tied Saved Shot 0s +1.5%
Tied Missed Shot 17s +2.8%
Tied Timeout 0s +2.3%
Tied Missed Shot 14s -4.4%
Tied Faceoff Win 0s +5.1%
Tied Unassisted Goal 8s -17.0%
VA +1 Good Clear 9s +8.4%
VA +1 Ground Ball 3s +4.8%
VA +1 Pipe Shot 9s +4.8%
VA +1 Unassisted Goal 0s +31.4%
Tied Timeout 0s -2.3%
Tied Faceoff Win 14s -10.8%
Tied Failed Clear 0s -6.0%
Tied Unforced Turnover 18s -28.4%