Win probability is an estimate based on the win percentage of every team that has been in a comparable time and score situation. We start with the basic time and score, then add or subtract win probability from each team depending on the recent sequence of plays and what that tells us about the likelihood that each team will score. Please, please, please do not treat this as a prediction. 90% win probability does not mean that the team has a 90% chance to win; it means that teams in the current situation have won 90% of the time. Win probabilities at the opening face-off are based on our current ELO ratings.

Johns Hopkins Win Probability: 94.6%
Recent Plays
Game State Team Play Elapsed JHU Win Odds
JHU +11 Faceoff Win 0s 0.0%
JHU +11 Assisted Goal 38s +0.9%
JHU +10 Ground Ball 4s +0.1%
JHU +10 Forced Turnover 0s +0.0%
JHU +10 Failed Clear 18s +0.4%
JHU +10 Unforced Turnover 37s +0.8%
JHU +10 Good Clear 13s +0.3%
JHU +10 Saved Shot 4s +0.1%
JHU +10 Missed Shot 1s +0.0%
JHU +10 Good Clear 3s +0.1%
JHU +10 Ground Ball 8s +0.2%
JHU +10 Forced Turnover 7s +0.1%
JHU +10 Timeout 2s +0.1%
JHU +10 Ground Ball 31s +0.7%
JHU +10 Faceoff Win 0s 0.0%
JHU +10 Assisted Goal 23s +0.5%
JHU +11 Penalty - 1 min 4s +0.1%
JHU +11 Good Clear 10s +0.2%
JHU +11 Ground Ball 3s +0.1%
JHU +11 Forced Turnover 40s +0.8%