1. Jim O'Connell
    February 7, 2023 @ 10:52 pm

    Play values are listed for DI Men and Women. Are They also available for D3 schools?

    thanks, Jim O’Connell
    Randolph-Macon College


    • Zack
      February 8, 2023 @ 4:02 pm

      They are indeed. Just sent you an email with the raw data from ’22.


  2. Connor Ray
    July 12, 2023 @ 11:35 am

    Just wondering the methodology behind the values for the EGA table. As someone who is trying to get a better understanding of analytics, I would how to see how this compares to the EPA/xG models that football and soccer are using. Thanks!


    • Zack
      July 13, 2023 @ 10:18 am

      Basically, I count up how many times each play type occurs (call this TOT). Then I count up the number of times that the team-in-question scored within the next 60 seconds of play (call this myGoals). I also count up the number of times that the other team scored within the next 60 seconds (call this theirGoals). To get the expected-goals value for each type of event, the formula is (myGoals-theirGoals)/TOT.

      I suspect it’s fairly similar to EPA in football. I use a similar EGA/shot taken to come up with a shooting efficiency number for individual players; I believe quarterbacks are measured in a similar way with EPA/pass attempt.


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